Fall Writing Frenzy

I am beyond thrilled to participate in the Fall Writing Frenzy this year. The above photograph, Image 12, is the inspiration behind my children's book, How to Brew a Friend. 

How to Brew a Friend
By Britney Rudowsky
Word Count: 179
If you have to brew a friend, 
Be sure to dress the part.
A pointy hat, 
black cape, 
socks with stripes, 
and boots to boot should do the trick.
Making a friend takes lots of ingredients…
So you’ll need your BIGGEST cauldron.
With a broom in hand, you’ll have just the right tool for mixing.
Onto the potion!
Sprinkle in some fairy dust,
and a wisp of werewolf hair.
Toss in two vampire fangs
and gobs of goblin goo.
Stir, stir, stir.
Friendship can be sticky sometimes, 
But it always smooths over.
Just keep stirring.
Throw in a heap of glitter (you can never have too much).
Remember, making a friend takes guts. Pumpkin guts that is. 
Add one more heap of glitter for good measure.
Stir, stir, stir.
That’ll do.
Now close your eyes.
Dream up a friend!
And once your imagination takes flight…
You’ll still be surprised who makes their way to you.
So if you have to brew a friend,
Be sure to dress the part.
But above all else,
You have to use your heart.


  1. I love "Friendship can by sticky sometimes, but it always smooths over." - Such a great line!

  2. Cute idea! Love the sticky friendship line.

  3. Lovely lyrical piece. "With a broom in hand, you’ll have just the right tool for mixing" is genius. Love the last tender and poignant lines.

  4. Thanks for sharing this sweet story with us, I especially liked the guts and heart ending! Sincerely, Kaitlyn Sanchez

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